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This space allows you to submit a ticket to the Registrar's Office as an ALU or ALC student/ALUmni. The forms provided only allow queries handled by the Registrar's office. The Registrar's office only handles academic-related matters. Please check out the support portal and explore other teams' range of support.


Our commitment: The Registrar's office ensures that all student queries are effectively responded to within the SLA timeframes. This applies to both current and Alumni student requests.

GCU requests: ALC students must continue requesting their transcripts and any other GCU Related support requests through the MUR email account. 

Registrar emails: The RO will not respond to emails sent directly to the registrar's email addresses. Please submit your tickets as required. The only exception is direct GCU requests from ALC students.

Academic admin emails: The academic admin will not respond to emails sent directly to the academic admin emails. Please submit your tickets as required through the support page.

ALUmni Requests: Other inquiries for ALUmni not supported by this form should be sent to alumniaffairs@alueducation.com for further assistance. 

Book a meeting with an RO member (ALC/ALU): (Tuesdays or Thursdays 1-3 pm) HERE

Pick a document from campus (ALC/ALU): (Tuesdays or Thursdays 1-3 pm) HERE

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